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Be a Super Memorizer — March 14, 2017

Be a Super Memorizer

Do you like to know things? Do you watch the Spelling Bee on ESPN each year? Read this article.

Maybe You, Too, Could Become A Super Memorizer 


4 Cool Things from the Internet — September 19, 2016

4 Cool Things from the Internet

1. Even if you don’t engage in online political rants, Facebooks assigns you to a political party.

The New York Times gives you instructions to check out whether Facebook labels you a liberal, moderate, or conservative. I found out that Facebook also knows that I “recently moved” and am in a “long distance relationship.” Scary.

2. The only reason I would want to go back to high school…

Painting your assigned parking space! Super cool!


3. Actually forget high school, second grade would be great too

The American Girl Dolls ranked by betchiness… nuff said. Except I had a MyTwinn. Or if you like Disney Channel better, I present Disney Channel Shows Ranked by Betchiness.

4. I want to be Grace VanderWaal.

This twelve year old is cooler than you. Vintage/hipster style + candy bracelet + raspy voice + ukulele = utter awesomeness. Please just google her so you can listen to all her songs. Also provided are links to her Twitter and Facebook page for further stalking. You will not be disappointed.


The fluffiest pancakes of all time… — July 19, 2016
3 Things That Made Me Giggle — July 5, 2016
T-Mobile Tuesdays #GetThanked — July 3, 2016

T-Mobile Tuesdays #GetThanked

My family has T-Mobile. Places where I get good service: 1.) my house and 2.) Notre Dame Stadium ONLY during home football games when hundreds of people are there (Seriously, I can send pictures messages with astonishing speed). Places where I do NOT get service: everywhere else…

But good news! This summer, instead of investing money into improving their cell service, T-Mobile decided to give its customers free things each Tuesday through a mobile app. Clearly, I have been taking full advantage of this. The first two weeks you got a free medium 2 topping pizza from Dominos, a free small Frosty, and a free movie rental. That was good stuff! Each member of my family was getting a personal pizza. I could order a white pizza with chicken and spinach for dinner on Tuesday and have leftovers for lunch and dinner on Wednesday. It was delicious!!


Then Dominos had to go and back out, stating it couldn’t keep up with the higher-than-expected demand. That is terrible service. So now we are getting a myriad of replacements: $15 Lyft ride, a free year subscription to a food magazine, $20 credit to Fandango, $20 credit to StubHub…

While I was disappointed I lost my pizza, some of the replacements are really solid: my mom and I went to see Finding Dory with our Fandango credit, and I’m pretty sure our fam will be able to get Phillies tickets with $20 each for StubHub this upcoming Tuesday.

Side Note: Finding Dory was adorable!! A little slow in the beginning, but super cute and funny. I would highly recommend it. “It’s your destiny, Destiny!”

Random Q&A — July 2, 2016

Random Q&A

I was perusing the internet and stumbled upon an interesting article on a website called Buzz Nigeria: The Best 40 Random Questions You Can Ever Ask Someone. Needless to say I was entertained, so I thought I would answer some of them so you too can be entertained.

Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

The answer to this question has definitely changed since I entered college. In high school, I was always early. ALWAYS. And that was ingrained in me mainly because of sports. If practice was at 3:30pm, you got there at least a half hour early. In college (with the exception of basketball managing and job interviews) I have transitioned into a right on time person. Time has simply become more precious. My days were often scheduled to the minute. I think this will transition into my career as well because even during my internship, you would be a fool to arrive to a meeting more than 5 minutes early. Efficiency is important.

Do you like chocolate?


Do you like rainy days or snowy days more?

Definitely snowy days. I greatly dislike getting wet unless it is 100% by my choice. Plus snow is pretty.

What scares you the most and why?

The fear that I encounter the most on a daily basis is dogs. I am terribly afraid of dogs, I have no idea why, but they scare the living daylights out of me. Other fears: most other animals, disappointing people, drowning, and being trapped or held down and unable to escape.

What’s you middle name?

Marie, after my mother’s middle name.

What music are you listening to right now?

Mostly country, but I also frequent the Top 40 songs. For running/working out or just a change of pace, Summer Hits of the 90s and 2000s are two of my go-to Pandora stations.

Accumulating Experiences, Not Things — June 27, 2016

Accumulating Experiences, Not Things

Those of you who keep up with the economy know that consumer purchases are on the decline. Those of you who don’t, should subscribe to Morning Brew, a free daily email that provides an easy to read overview of the stock market and economy aimed at the millennial business professional.

Anyways, quick summary of the economy: millennials want experiences, not “stuff.” And for once, I include myself in the majority.

I am extremely hard to shop for because I don’t like “things.” In some ways, this is because I am a minimalist; I like to be organized and clutter-free. I have a particular style for clothes, jewelry, and home decor, so I really enjoy picking out those items myself. The other contributing factor is that my favorite gifts from others are shared quality time. See, I don’t attach people to stuffed animals or dooddads, I attach people to experiences and memories. And I LOVE pictures.

For me, pictures remind me of my friends and family. When I returned from college, I partially redecorated my room. The first thing I did was put up my pictures of my friends and family from all my favorite memories this past year. As I scrolled through my photo library on my computer and pictures on Facebook, I flashed back to all I had experienced this past year: tailgates and gamedays spent with friends during football season…fall break with my boyfriend…the not so great memories of my senior design group…all the crazy stories as a member of the basketball managers…the ND football bowl game trip to AZ with Z and Aaron…spring break in Disney…senior week spent with my closest friends and graduation with my family.

FullSizeRender-1FullSizeRenderWhether it be going out to dinner or a day trip to the beach or a mini golf outing, every adventure is a photo opportunity. Memories are captured on camera, and seeing smiling faces makes me smile as well.

NASA thought Sally Ride needed 100 tampons for 1 week in space “just to be safe.”… and other things that make me laugh — May 29, 2015

NASA thought Sally Ride needed 100 tampons for 1 week in space “just to be safe.”… and other things that make me laugh

The Google Doodle celebrated Sally Ride, the first women in space, on her birthday this week. Also my favorite daily news email, Bit-of-News, sent me this hilarious article about how NASA thought Sally Ride needed 100 tampons for 1 week “just to be safe.” From what? Please, please read it. It is so funny.


Also, more funny Notre Dame yik yaks, because you never know when Yik Yak could just go extinct and then how would else people share their funny thoughts??

IMG_4230 IMG_4229 IMG_4228 IMG_4166

Lists/Random Thoughts On: Personal Catch Phrases and Favorite Words. — May 22, 2015

Lists/Random Thoughts On: Personal Catch Phrases and Favorite Words.

I think everyone has their own dialect. I’m talking about how you can read someone’s text in their voice because of the words and syntax they use.

Exhibit A:


And then if you spend enough time with people, you start assuming their vocabulary!

Exhibit B:

At college, my friends group say “jokes.”

jokes: n. a response to something that is funny but not that funny (for example a dad joke).

One night we were all sitting in Sorin studying for Dif Eq 1 exam (Differential Equations 1=math), and Aaron says some dad joke about Dif Eq. Now before I got to Notre Dame, I had never heard of the word “jokes,” but I knew this was the appropriate time to use it.

So, proud of myself for finding the perfect occasion to use the word,  I opened my mouth and said, “Jokes.” …and so did everyone else in the room at exactly the same time.

A List of My Favorite Words and Phrases.

1. hi/bye friend!

2. hehe

3. sadness.

4. it makes me happy

I also enjoy not talking too. Quietness is nice.

Read this hilarious story: I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across The World, Became A Celebrity In China, And Found A Friend For Life — May 8, 2015