As a woman who went to many a Women’s Career Development seminar, I know all about body language in business. Speakers always say women are less confident (or perceived as less confident) in the workplace when compared to their male counterparts. The solution, they say, is to execute a “power move” such as putting the hands on one’s hips or, more ridiculously, standing with feet spread apart and arms open in the shape of a Y over one’s head.

But steepling with your hands is a more natural, less aggressive gesture that suggests confidence, wisdom, and the power to make decisions. Don’t believe me? Exhibit A:

photo cred: Wall Street Journal

and Exhibits B, C, and D:

photo creds: Trump, Obama, Cumberbatch

Like personal appearance and clothing, body language DOES make a difference. Sometimes due to time constraints, opinions are created based on first impressions. But for the most part, I just find the human mind cool, and secretly wish I were a consultant who helped solve crimes by reading body language then using technology and mind games (cough, cough the ‘Mentalist,’ ‘Lie to Me,’ or ‘Bull‘).

Regardless, I definitely tried out the hand steeple this week on the job, and I approve. For more power moves, check out the Wall Street Journal’s article How Your Body Language Can Tell People If You Are a Leader- or Not.