Two months ago, I was a shampoo addict. Since my hair is thin and blonde, any grease is quite noticeable, hence I began the habit of washing my hair everyday. Soon, it got to the point where even if I showered at night, my hair was greasy by morning. It was terrible. My hair was so dry. It had to stop.

Now I am not a beauty expert in the least, so I googled ‘how to stop washing your hair daily.’ After reading multiple articles, I got the gist that you just have to pick a week or long weekend when you can hide your hair, and go as long as you can without shampooing. Then you establish a routine in which you wash your hair every other day or every few days depending on your hair thickness and greasiness, and dry shampoo as needed on the days in between.

This was back in the summer when I still had a week before I began my job and no other obligations, so the hair hiding part was not too difficult. I went three days without washing my hair before I gave in, and then began to wash my hair every other day.

The results were extremely positive! It took about 2/3 weeks for my hair to fully adjust, but my hair is definitely less greasy and less dry. A couple of tidbits on breaking the daily shampoo habit:

Tidbit 1: Dry Shampoo… buy it.

I also did a ton of research on dry shampoo since I had never used the thing before. I ended up purchasing Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo, which seemed to have the best results to price ratio (Batiste Dry Shampoo also appeared to be a good option). The two major negatives in the products reviews for the Dove shampoo were (1) the strong smell and (2) white residue left in the hair. Honestly, I don’t mind the smell and since my hair is lighter I don’t notice any whiteness. I think the product works nicely. 

Tidbit 2: You need to be flexible with your shower schedule.

I shampoo on MWF mornings to maximize the workdays which I have clean hair. Then I pick one day on the weekend to wash my hair. For me, showering in the mornings is a necessary evil. I hate getting up earlier to shower, but my hair gets pressed against my scalp when I sleep making it extra greasy. I have also found sleeping with your hair in a loosely tied high pony tail keeps the hair further away from the scalp.

Tidbit 3: Don’t expect to feel fresh and clean on non-hair washing days.

Even with dry shampoo, your scalp and hair just don’t have the same feel as being freshly washed. On non-hair washing days, my face is more greasy. I look forward to the days I wash my hair. It’s only on those days that I feel truly clean. 

Welp, on that depressing note, everyone should start shampooing their hair less! The end.