In keeping with the spirit of the election season, now seemed like the perfect time to debate a topic that is actually affecting me on a daily basis…

Mac vs. Windows. Battle of the operating systems.

Background: I have always been a Mac person. For my 18th birthday I got an iPad. It was awesome. Best present ever. Now I have an iPhone 5s and a Macbook pro laptop, and I love my Mac products. They have lasted me 4 years and counting through rigorous college use, in which I would go months without restarting my computer without any crashes.

However, now my work laptop is Windows. And duel operating systems are hard!  If I hit fn + c on my Mac keyboard, (in an attempt to copy because that is where the crt + c is on my Windows laptop) and erase EVERYTHING I HAVE JUST WRITTEN one more time… #privilegedproblems.

Anyways, here is a breakdown of my pros for each operating system:

Pros for Mac

  1. Track Pad- I like swiping left and right to go between open applications.
  2. Screen Capture- (command + shift + 4) In a swift movement a cursor appears allowing you can take a screenshot of any part of your screen. Then the screenshot automatically saves to your desktop. Such a time saver over having to search for Snipping Tool all the time on Windows.
  3. Seamlessly Syncing all devices- I can use iMessage on my computer. My notes on my phone sync to my laptop. And now I hear you can copy on your laptop and paste on your phone thanks to macOS sierra’s universal clipboard. 😱
  4. Yearly Updated Operating Systems- Every September, you basically get a new phone/computer, because Apple releases new operating systems with new features. Some are pointless or hated, but most advances are exciting and fun! And the updates are free. ‘Nuff said.

Side Note: The new lock screen on the iOS10 iPhone update is driving me crazy. People unlock their phones a bazillion times a day. Apple told us to unlock your phone, you swipe right and enter your passcode. But not anymore, says Apple. Let’s just mess with everyone’s brain, says Apple. Now, if you swipe right, you get notifications. Instead, to unlock your phone you have to press the home button. People are outraged! Even the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about this monstrosity.

Pros for Windows

  1. Split Screens- Windows knows how to do split screens. Simply drag the window to the side of the desktop and it prompts you to select another application to share the screen. Simple. On a Mac, you have to press and hold the green circle, plus split screens are not accessible for all applications, notably Microsoft Word.
  2. Delete Button AND Backspace Button- Because sometimes I like to erase forwards, what can I say?
  3. Touch Screens- I know Mac has an iPad for a touch screen, but it is just useful sometimes to be able to scroll with your finger on a laptop.