1. Even if you don’t engage in online political rants, Facebooks assigns you to a political party.

The New York Times gives you instructions to check out whether Facebook labels you a liberal, moderate, or conservative. I found out that Facebook also knows that I “recently moved” and am in a “long distance relationship.” Scary.

2. The only reason I would want to go back to high school…

Painting your assigned parking space! Super cool!


3. Actually forget high school, second grade would be great too

The American Girl Dolls ranked by betchiness… nuff said. Except I had a MyTwinn. Or if you like Disney Channel better, I present Disney Channel Shows Ranked by Betchiness.

4. I want to be Grace VanderWaal.

This twelve year old is cooler than you. Vintage/hipster style + candy bracelet + raspy voice + ukulele = utter awesomeness. Please just google her so you can listen to all her songs. Also provided are links to her Twitter and Facebook page for further stalking. You will not be disappointed.