Z came to visit! YAY! On Friday night, we ate a late dinner at a restaurant which has fancy outdoor seating. The table and chairs swing back and forth in this huge glider-rocking-chair-like contraption. I have been eyeing them up every day as I drive to work. It was interesting. I think they would be better in daylight, as at there was not much lighting at night.

Saturday was filled with outdoor activities: biking, wiffleball, and tennis (including watching Serena win not once but twice at Wimbledon). Then on Sunday Z, Chris, and I visiting Philly for the afternoon. See the map below for our itinerary.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 6.15.38 PM

I really wanted to check out the summer activities around Penn’s Landing, so we stopped there first. The Blue Cross RiverRink hosts Summerfest featuring an outdoor roller rink, mini-golf, and lots of fun oversized board games (Aaron and I visited Blue Cross WinterFest two years ago). Since we had arrived around 1pm not much was happening at SummerFest, so we continued our way down Penn’s Landing.

Next stop: Spruce Harbor Park, which is this cute park filled with food trucks, brightly colored adirondack chairs, hammocks for napping, and strings of lights dangling from the trees. Z got some tacos, but I can’t pass up cheesesteaks in Philly so Chris and I waited until we walked past Sonny’s Famous Steaks on our way to the historical region for lunch. The wait was longer than desired, but you can’t beat a great cheesesteak.

The Big Chair at Blue Cross SummerFest.
Chillin’ at Spruce Harbor Park
Cheesesteaks from Sonny’s…nom nom nom

After everyone had eaten, we headed over to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Contrary to common belief, the Liberty Bell was not cracked from ringing the bell. There was actually just a scratch that was affecting the tone of the bell, and in an attempt to fix it… the scratch enlarged to a huge crack. Great job guys, great job.

At Independence Hall, we got an insider tip from a security guard to enter through the museum and skip the security line. After a brief chat with Ursula about the rise of Indian nations in the colonial era, we joined the group 3:15pm tour of Independence Hall as no-ticket standby visitors. It was perfect timing.

dawwww, cousins
Squad selfie at the Liberty Bell

After walking back to Penn’s Landing, we took a quick stop a street festival sponsored by McDonalds celebrating the Latin Grammys. I understood zero words that were being said. Luckily I had my handy dandy Spanish translator, Z, with me! Then we set off looking for the LOVE statue, which apparently had moved to a temporary location across the street.

While the LOVE statue was not too difficult to find, parking was a bit of an issue. I am not the most decisive city driver especially when it comes finding a parking spot on the street. So everyone got a nice tour of the shopping district in the neighborhood of Rittenhouse Square, as I circled the blocks. Eventually I found a parking spot that I could easily pull into 🙌 🙌 🙌.

Following our LOVE statue visit we decided to walk around the shops I accidentally discovered during our little parking adventure. Then we ended the evening with gelato. We stumbed upon Gran Caffe L’Aquila, which apparently wins tons of awards for their gelato!!! It was delish. I had chocolate, Z got the pistacho, and Chris tried the cannoli flavor. All were wonderful.

we ❤ Philly (and gelato)