Those of you who keep up with the economy know that consumer purchases are on the decline. Those of you who don’t, should subscribe to Morning Brew, a free daily email that provides an easy to read overview of the stock market and economy aimed at the millennial business professional.

Anyways, quick summary of the economy: millennials want experiences, not “stuff.” And for once, I include myself in the majority.

I am extremely hard to shop for because I don’t like “things.” In some ways, this is because I am a minimalist; I like to be organized and clutter-free. I have a particular style for clothes, jewelry, and home decor, so I really enjoy picking out those items myself. The other contributing factor is that my favorite gifts from others are shared quality time. See, I don’t attach people to stuffed animals or dooddads, I attach people to experiences and memories. And I LOVE pictures.

For me, pictures remind me of my friends and family. When I returned from college, I partially redecorated my room. The first thing I did was put up my pictures of my friends and family from all my favorite memories this past year. As I scrolled through my photo library on my computer and pictures on Facebook, I flashed back to all I had experienced this past year: tailgates and gamedays spent with friends during football season…fall break with my boyfriend…the not so great memories of my senior design group…all the crazy stories as a member of the basketball managers…the ND football bowl game trip to AZ with Z and Aaron…spring break in Disney…senior week spent with my closest friends and graduation with my family.

FullSizeRender-1FullSizeRenderWhether it be going out to dinner or a day trip to the beach or a mini golf outing, every adventure is a photo opportunity. Memories are captured on camera, and seeing smiling faces makes me smile as well.