One of my goals for this summer before I start my job with Deloitte in late August (and for my post-grad life in general) was to become more worldly and cultured. I am beginning to read and/or reread the classics starting with Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, which is becoming more of an insensible decision with every page. On the other hand, I am making outstanding progress the categories of both films and food & drinks.

How could I possibly become a film critic and alcohol aficionado merely one week after receiving my degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Notre Dame? Simple… I got a summer job as a waitress at restaurant movie theater.

Work, work, work, work, work

To give you a brief overview on my current place of employment, the Tav is theater chain which started in Texas and is is working its way up the East Coast. Guests sit in a theater with rows of recliners and are served food and drink from a full service restaurant and bar directly to their seats.

Ok resume…first, let’s start with drinks. For a recent college graduate, I am lacking in alcohol experience. Luckily for me, Tav has a very thorough employee training program and the alcohol portion was intense. I memorized the ingredients of mimosas, martinis, numerous margaritas and other various mixed drinks. I learned how to correctly taste beer (yes there is such a thing), and the proper pairings of wines with the Tav’s fine cuisine including chicken tenders and fried mac ‘n cheese balls. Consider me a wine connoisseur, a beer specialist, and an expert on liquor.

Jokes… I still know less then most underage college freshmen. But anyways onto my newfound appreciation for film.

Those who know me, know that if you quote a movie, I will not get it. To give you a better understanding how many movies I have NOT seen, I gasped with horror when Spider-Man’s uncle dies in 2012 version, The Amazing Spider-Man (and honestly whilst recalling this story, I thought this plot was from Batman).

But now that has all changed! I know every movie currently in theaters. The Nice Guys is hilarious. And I have seen the first and last 15 minutes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II exactly 5 times.  *Spoiler Alert: The turtle ninjas save the world… again.*

In addition to becoming more learned in film and cuisine, I gained something to do. I am not one who can sit around and do nothing. I need a purpose, and waitressing gives me a way to spend my nights. Plus, it is just nice to be around people my age. My coworkers are a bunch of college kids or recent graduates from the D3 schools around the area, making us an eclectic bunch. And the one thing that results from an eclectic bunch, is funny stories…

For instance, Manager Billie told us a story of his college baseball days. During a game, he was subbed out so his coach stuck him as the third base coach for an inning. Well the opposing team happened to be absolutely terrible. The opposing pitcher was walking batter after batter, so they put in a new pitcher… who merely continued the walk-a-thon. So after like 15 minutes of walks, his teammate gets a hit. Completely thrown off guard, Manager Billie runs home and slides into home plate, and then has to do a walk of shame back to the third base line, because he was the third base COACH not actually on third base. Awk.

More stories to come I am sure.