Graduation was a lovely weekend despite the freezing cold temperatures! On Saturday, my brother and dad went on a golf date with my roommate Z’s dad and boyfriend. They braved the cold and rain and lasted all 18 holes, something I definitely would not have done! Instead, my mom and I went to the Monogram Club’s breakfast for student athletes and managers. It was a nice little get together with talks by Jack Swarbrick, the University Vice President and Director of Athletics, and the backup keeper for the men’s soccer team. We even ran into Mr. Mike Bennett who takes all the pictures for the women’s basketball team so my mom and I got a pic together.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.52.27 PM
Student Athlete Breakfast, Photo Cred: Mike Bennett

Afterwards we took a quick trip up to the top of the library (Touchdown Jesus) for an ariel view of campus. The Golden Dome was still shining despite the grey skies.

From the top of the Library

It’s funny how you come full circle and take pictures with all the major campus landmarks at graduation. Earlier in the week, Z and I took a few obligatory grad photos with the Dome. And my mom took a few more of me around campus when she came with my graduation dress. See below.

We nerds.



On Sunday, the temperature was frigid. Everyone was wearing leggings under their dresses and coats under their gowns. During the ceremony, one girl even put gloves on her toes. Since Vice President Joe Biden was being honored everyone had to get up super early to go through security.Luckily we were not outside too long, and they fed us scones from ABP so it was all good.

The morning Commencement was in the football stadium with the entire graduating class. I actually enjoyed all of our speakers. Our valedictorian gave a nice speech, and Laetare Medal recipients Joe Biden and former Speaker of the House John Boehner also were interesting to listen too. Our actual Commencement speaker had us sing karaoke.

Rocking the leggings in freezing weather
We graduated!!

Following the big graduation, we grabbed a quick box lunch and headed to the Mechanical Engineering Graduation, where I actually received my diploma. Our student speaker absolutely killed it! I was dying with all the inside jokes about how our professors give us too much work. Just remember what the Notorious B.I.G. said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” Goodness, too funny. Read the whole thing HERE.

Fam ❤
Finished engineering forever!
Missing our third member
Found him! Stud hehehe