Following finals at Notre Dame is Senior Week, a week where seniors have campus to themselves and days are filled with celebration, friendship, and an organized event each day.

Sand Dunes, Class Mass in the Basilica, and Picnic afterwards

On Sunday, our crew drove north to the sand dunes. It turned out to be the only sunny/non-rainy day of senior week, so it was a good thing we spent it entirely outside. We had a wonderful time climbing a dune, playing catch in the sand, and building a massive and well-decorated sand castle.

Climbing the Dune
We Cute
Sand Castle Palace

Once we got back, we sprinted to mass and then enjoyed Nelson’s BBQ at the picnic afterwards. Since we were all dressed up, we stopped to take a few friend Dome pics as well.


Friends ❤

Cubs Game in Chicago

Even though we all knew it was going to get rained out, we all rode the bus to Chicago anyways. We had pizza at this place called HVAC, which was a pretty sweet bar and then just as we walked in the stadium, they cancelled the game. So we walked back to the bus and drove home. Because everyone loves a 4 hour round-trip drive for pizza.


Don’t blink or you will miss the two seconds that we were in the stadium.

Babe Toastal and Domer Fest 2.0

One thing that rain can’t stop is a darty. We broke out the rain jackets and rain boots for a second day in a row (more on my rain jacket later), and headed off to Babe Toastal. Think a champagne drinking party with a guest list of every girl in the senior class (and St. Mary’s girls too) wearing matching tank tops. Although usually not my scene, I enjoyed catching up with a lot of my friends who I had not seen in a while.


Side Story: My rain jacket. I lost it right before finals week. And I had no idea where I left him. I mean I checked everywhere. I was distraught. And then right before my stats final, I decided to go to the bathroom. As I walked past the office with the mailboxes where I drop off my stats hw, I spotted a white blob out of the corner of my eye. Sure enough, on the table across from the mailboxes is my white North Face. It was there for like TWO WEEKS, I can’t believe no one stole him.  Regardless, I was absolutely ecstatic. And thank goodness, because it rained pretty much everyday until graduation.

Rain jacket, you da real MVP.

Commencement Ball

Commencement Ball was the event that I was most looking forward too. I was super excited when Aaron told me he was not leaving for track ACCs until Thursday and was able to come with me. Yay! So I pulled out my prom dress and Z, Aaron, and I were off. Our venue was the South Bend Century Center which has these pretty hanging christmas lights and an outside patio that opens onto the river, which is also lit up by colored lights. It is really pretty! And the three of us looked mighty fine ourselves if I do say.



Awwww roomies
Kendra has a sparkly dress.

Tunnel Tours, Library Penthouse Tour, and Last Trip to the Dining Hall and Grotto

We hit up a lot of events Thursday. Z and I snuck into both the Tunnel Tours and the Library Penthouse Tours. You had to buy tickets for all these events and they ran out of Tunnel Tour tickets. How ridiculous is that! Luckily there were really lax about actually having a ticket, so we just joined a group. Notre Dame has a system of tunnels that run underneath campus and funnels air between the power plant and campus buildings. Unfortunately, in the summer it funnels hot air. It was a bizillion degrees in there. I was dying. But Z and I lasted through the heat and signed the wall, so it was all good.


The last trip to the dining hall followed by the last trip to the grotto were fun events as well. And it was nice to end senior week with a grotto trip before all the families arrived the next day.

See my Spring Semester Senior Year Video for a video version of the senior week events.