Football & Friends

As always, football games are the best. And my mom visited for the USC game before driving us home for fall break!

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Fall Break

For fall break, I returned to the great state of Pennsylvania. The green van was packed with my mom, Mike, myself and special guest… Mr. Aaron Dunn.

The weather was lovely, so we spent a lot of time outside. Home run derby was definitely a hit… haha get it? Things we did not hit: the car of the neighbor who laughed in my face when I kindly warned her that she was parked in the danger zone.

Wawa is always the food establishment of choice; however, my mom’s cooking was on point this break. Cheesesteaks and chocolate mousse pie and cheesecake and my all time favorite: Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing… noms.

Continuing with the food theme, on Friday Aaron and I had date night at The Iron Hill Brewery and it was absolutely delicious. I had the parma pizza (toppings: prosciutto, wilted spinach, balsamic glazed onions, asiago, mozzarella and garlic sauce) and Aaron went with the chicken pot pie.

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Also, my cousin’s 16th birthday was over fall break, so I made him a car cake. Happy Birthday Chris!!


On Wednesday, Aaron and I drove down to Baltimore and met up with two other Sorin guys. I eventually managed to decide on a parking garage. Obviously, my main motive for circling around the block a few times was only to see the car who decided to drive into a train. Whoops. The first stop of the day was a two hour tour of Camden Yards. I really liked the home run ball plaques that were embedded into the sidewalk and brick wall. Such a cool idea!!

IMG_5690IMG_5715Visiting high schools rounded out the week. We stopped by my alma mater, Villa Maria Academy, to visit my teachers and and check out the new turf field… ooooh fancy!! Saturday was Malvern Homecoming including football and a pig roast.

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Corec Soccer and Broomball

Yay sports! Z and I joined the Sorin guys for corec sports. Our soccer team was undefeated, minus the game no one showed up and we had to play down a player. Sadness. And then we lost in the first round of playoffs. More sadness.

We also found out that our soccer skillz do not translate to the game of broomball. Our first win of the season was also our last game of the season… because the other team forfeited.

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Monkey Bread

Aaron and I made Monkey Bread. See the full recipe here.


… And I Went to My First Concert Ever

Hunter Hayes!! And it was wonderful. SUB, Notre Dame’s Student Union Board, hosted the concert in Stepan Center. Kim and I went and stood next to the aisle where they put a box for Hunter Hayes to stand on. He was so close!

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And I like a lot of Hunter Hayes songs, so I was able to sing along to practically every song: