For my senior year, my roommate Z and I are living in Lewis Hall’s 3rd floor super double (bigger room), which has a Dome view. Look at this…IMG_5140

Anyways, back to decorating. This year we sold the shaky, wall-length loft for two beds and built our own individual ones! It was quite an experience (more dets to come in a future post), but they came out wonderful!

The decorations for my side of the room are a combination of the items that I have used the past three years, plus the new enlarged black and white I made for over the summer. The brick wall did not make reappearance, mainly because I don’t want to ruin it as I probably will want to install it in my apartment post-college.  But, all in all my aim was artsy, yet simplistic.

View the 3D panorama of my room here.



IMG_5524 IMG_5526 IMG_5525 IMG_5523 IMG_5527


IMG_5528 IMG_5522