The smell of burgers in the air, tailgates with family and friends, standing on a wooden bench for four hours each Saturday… it’s football season… WOOOOOOO!

Football weekends at ND are the best. And the way our schedule worked out this year was really nice. The majority of our home games are at the beginning of the season, so we will not have to tackle the extreme cold of games in late October/mid-November! Plus, despite injuries (Malikkkkkk…sadness), we are still undefeated! And nothing beats a winning season. So fingers crossed for keeping the wins coming, and the injuries… not coming?!

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squaddddddd ^

Also, this year instead of getting dorm t-shirts, we got Lewis fanny packs. Now, my first thought upon hear of this switch was, “Ewwww, what is this.” I was mad. I would even go as far as to say I was furious.

But I was wrong. Little did I know, that fanny packs are in for fall football attire. ND female students everywhere are realizing the benefits of fanny packs that moms knew long ago… they are just so convenient for carrying small quantities of items! However, I could not bare wearing a fanny pack in public post November 14th.


mom mode ^

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