So it has been a while… like a month and a half. School and job stuff and more job stuff and interview for job stuff, it takes up a lot of my time. But on the bright side, it is almost fall break so I provide updates on all my current activities. Anyways, this post goes way back to the first week of school when I went to Feve.

What is Feve, you may ask? Only Michiana’s hottest night club!! Yes, I, Katie Higgins, went out, and on a THURSDAY, I may add.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 6.36.49 PM

See, photographic evidence ^

At Notre Dame, on Thursdays you go to Feve. Well, normally everyone else goes to Feve and I go to milkshake mass and do homework, but this time I participated.

My thoughts post-Feve: I am just not cut out for going out. It was an experience, don’t get me wrong, and one that you should have before you graduate. But Feve is dark, sweaty, sticky, and crowded with lots of people. I like none of those things. What I do like, is my friends, and my I went to Feve with all my friends and that made me happy. ‘Twas a success.

See below so that you, too can appreciate the Feve experience (which actually consists of all photos from pre-Feve).

11952003_10156004791380644_1673758276026618417_n IMG_5299 IMG_5182 IMG_5187