On my way home from Kalamazoo, I visited Aaron at his house. His oldest brother has the exact same birthday as I do! Now, you may be wondering what other famous people, in addition to Taylor and me, are born on August 4th. Well here you go…

(pictures from Famous Birthdays)

We were surprised with ice cream cake, and it was delicious.

And Aaron made me the coolest birthday gift ever! It’s a minion that he sand casted from aluminum. So first he made a metal foundry, then he melted like 200 soda cans, then he made a styrofoam minion, then he did the actual sand casting, then he sanded the minion to make it pretty… aka it’s engineering awesomeness.

SO COOL. And this live action shot is so legit.
Snapchat-89781603125001112591439001931586Eeeeek it’s a minion!

The Friday after I got home, we celebrated both mine and my brother’s birthdays with the fam. Two cakes to decorate! WOOOOOOO! (Notice that was not sarcastic in the least). My brother requested a golden retriever cake, and despite my fear of dogs, I made him one.



I decided to stick with the dog theme when I decorated my cake… “NO DOGS”



Why are we all wearing green? I have no idea. Anyways, guess what I got for my birthday from my cousins?? Drum roll please…. more MINIONS! WOOOOOOO! I think I have to stop. They are becoming an addiction.

This time it was a minion windsock! Too cool. Watch this youtube video of Phil blowing in the breeze.