I made an Iron Man Hand for Kendra’s birthday. I originally wanted it to be a ring holder, but when it fit over my hand, I realized that was going to be an issue. You too can make an iron man hand by going to this website where there is a template and youtube tutorials.

Required Materials: Template, cereal box, MODGE PODGE, duct tape, zip ties, magnet, and metallic red and gold paint.

While the shapes of the pieces on the template are awesome, they seriously lack tabs to glue things together. I highly suggest duct tape everything on the inside and modge podge extra pieces of paper to everything on the outside. To allow for the fingers to bend, I originally attached them to the base with long strips of duct tape. Then Aaron suggested zip ties, which are way more supportive but still flexible. The quality of the project increase like 300%.

And Kendra makes artsy presents too! She cross stitched me a MINION!!! Eeeeeeeek.



And she finished my Superhero/Minion name tags that she is making for her section. I am an honorary member because I am not in her section, nor in her dorm. Kendra has made over 50 of this incredibly detailed paper cutouts. She cuts out of cardstock by hand and uses double sided tape to stick it together. BEST RA EVER.

Left: Flash for Aaron, Middle: My Minion, Right: My Incredible girl
Left: Flash for Aaron, Middle: My Minion, Right: My Incredible girl