This past weekend, Aaron came to visit me. YAY! 🙂 🙂 🙂 It was a weekend of food and fun.


On Friday, we cooked chicken alfredo with broccoli. Actually, Aaron cooked most of it (which I was very grateful for), and I managed to mess up my one job of taking the pasta/broccoli off the heat and draining it (I forgot to drain it). I will keep practicing, but for now I will stick to my skills of baking and cleaning up.

Chef AA Ron

I found the recipe on Pinterest. While the alfredo sauce was light as described in the recipe, it was far too watery for my liking. I think it should either go all out and be creamy or be more of a seasoning as it shows in the recipe pictures below.


After a breakfast of one giant pancake and a bunch of baby pancakes, we drove to South Haven Beach for the day. I am growing quite fond of South Haven. It is so close! We hung out on the beach for a while, and Aaron brought his guitar. Then we move to the water and played frisbee and paddle ball and threw a tennis ball back and forth while I tried to avoid getting splashed by children.

We walked around the town a little and had dinner on a permanently docked boat at a restaurant called The Idler. The atmosphere was really nice and peaceful, and you could watch the boats come back in to dock. Every now and then the breeze would blow and you could feel the mist coming from the table of slightly intoxicated people who spilled their drinks not once, not twice, but THREE times. Goodness people, pull yourselves together!


Also, on the way back to the car, I found St. Basil Catholic Church, my parish away from home. I WAS SO EXCITED!


That evening, we had a concert underneath a weeping willow tree. I discovered the willow on one of my walk and decided it would look really cool if I lit it up with floating candles suspended from the branches. Think this. So I went to Dollar Tree and Walmart and bought myself some fishing line, tea candles, rubber bands, paper clips, and plastic condiment containers and made myself hanging candles.


It’s so pretty!

I had set up everything in my closet to test it out and even created a suspension plan for the tree. Everything worked; however, transportation of materials caused the issue.


We spent quite a bit of time untangling clear fishing line and paper clips in the dimming light of the setting sun. I was not very patient, but luckily for me, Aaron was. And it turned out pretty. And we had a concert under the weeping willow tree. And it made me happy.

IMG_4779 IMG_4781 IMG_4777


On Sunday morning, we went to mass, then walked around the city of Kalamazoo for a little, but it was too hot to stay for long so we went back to my apartment for a lunch of homemade flatbreads. Mine was the left flatbread, with chicken and cheese on a hummus/pesto sauce seasoned with garlic and oregano. Aaron went for the classic pizza topped with chicken and a chesse-stuffed crust, picture on the right.

Then it was minion time! The movie was cute, though I missed Gru and Agnes and the girls. Post movie, we packed and went out to dinner in a bar-ish place in the city of Kalamazoo. And the food was goooood.