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A Quality Review of Quality Engineering

Stryker Interns

This week marks the halfway point of my Stryker internship as a SDQE, or Supplier Development Quality Engineer. Basically, a Supplier Development Quality Engineer is responsible for ensuring that all the material commodities (plastics, metals, and electronics parts) which Stryker imports from outside suppliers are up to both Stryker’s and FDA regulations. In this role, communication is key. I spent my first week figuring out all the acronyms constantly thrown around in sentences and emails around our department! But with the help of my awesome advisors, I became fluent in Quality “Stryker-isms” and learned how to fill out the PSW to initiate a PPAP, and to follow up on a SCAR issued after a part nonconformance drastically hit the commodity DPM.

Version 2While the goal is quality is prevention, supplier issues are inevitable. When a part nonconformance (aka the proper name for a part failure) occurs, all other work is put on…

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