South Haven.


A few weekends ago, we drove about 45 minutes to South Haven beach. Originally the weather looked like rain, so we were prepared to spend the day touring the little town going in all the shops. We found a farmers market. Then, we checked out the cute beach (technically lake?) stores.


The actual lake has a pretty large dock with a tiny red light house. We walked around there for a while before heading back into town for lunch. We had lunch at Captain Nemo’s which was a cute little old fashioned dinner type place. And the food was DE-LICIOUS! I had a burger and 1) you could tell it was homemade and 2)  it was huge (obviously I ate the whole thing, but post-burger I was stuffed!!) Which kinda made me sad because they had homemade waffles cones and tons of ice cream flavors. I will be definitely getting one next time we return.

Side Note: I backup my photos to Google Photos and sometimes Google does cool things with my photos. I don’t know how. I don’t know why. But sometimes when I log on, I have a photo story or a gif or now a STYLIZED PHOTO waiting for me. Check it out.

Ummm cool.

Anyways, post lunch at Captain Nemo’s the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. We changed into our bathing suits and went to the beach. I was grateful that it was not too hot out, because I am not good with heat. This did cause the water to feel a tad cold, so I only went in to a little higher than my knees, but I am not a fan of swimming so it was not a big deal. And the only sunburn I got was in the shape of a handprint, because that is where I put on my suntan lotion. It makes me laugh.


And I took pictures of feet as well on this trip.

Other fun things.

I like to run in the summer, because it is warm and enjoyable and takes up time. Running (or taking walks for that matter, which I also do a lot) is also awesome for seeing the world around you in slow motion. I don’t cover much square footage, but I really get to see everything around me. My exploration runs/walks are fun, but for the most part I stick to one route because it is perfect. From the door of my apartment complex to the first time I have to cross the street is one mile. From there to the trail is exactly one mile. And then I can run on the paved trail for one mile before it turns into gravel.

Katie Teaches Math: Running out 3 miles + running back 3 miles = 6 miles of running! YAY!

Also, I swing a lot because I love to swing. And conveniently, there are 2 playgrounds within walking distance (and also one on South Haven beach!!).