My work wardrobe has been pretty successful. I have been working for a month now and just have started to repeat outfits. To makes sure I don’t wear the same things too close together (not that anyone really cares, but still I try), I have been documenting my outfits and rotating my clothes. For my outfit choices, I follow my Lucky Dozen/ Capsule Wardrobe plan outlined here and here. As a result, I get this…

Work Clothes

To make my process even easier, I have developed a weekly clothes formula. I have one non-pant outfit (aka a dress or skirt) that I usually wear on Wednesday to break up the week. Fridays are taken care of because Stryker has jean Fridays, so I alternate between my jeans and white pants. To fill the remainder of the week, I filter my shirts. I put worn shirts in on the right, and pull new shirts from the left. Color coordinated hangers for clothing type greatly increases Katie’s sanity.

(Keep in mind, I only brought summer clothes since I am only here for the summer. Adding fall+winter+spring = more clothes).

Fact: Using the word “cardigan” to refer to a sweater increases your fashion credibility by 67%.

If you don’t currently wear all the clothes you own, check out this cool pin from Pinterest that I recently found!

Turn Hangers Backwards to See What Clothes You Really Wear