On Sundays I grocery shop. I am a pretty plain eater. I like all my food separate and don’t try anything too eccentric or foreign.

Side Note: On the subject of foreign foods, Stryker people are obsessed with foreign cuisine. My first week there, we went to an authentic Mexican place, and then to an Asian restaurant called Wild Ginger. Then the following week, they tried to invite me to lunch at a Thai place. Haha, no no no. That was not happening. And this past week, I was given a sample of a dried banana. I’m not talking about a banana chip. I mean an entire banana, skin and all. Such a weird texture. Finally, I was invited out to eat in a place that makes sushi. I again politely declined.

Which brings me to my Food Pyramid. This is literally everything I have eaten at my apartment/ bought at the supermarket since I have arrived in Kalamazoo.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.01.50 PM
I do not own any of these pictures and can not link you to them like I usually do because there are too many.

Edit: I forgot pancakes/syrup, flour tortilla, and hummus and pita chips. Sorry. I had already made the pdf when I remembered. 

Now you may be thinking, LIAR, where are the desserts? You always make dessert. That is true. But desserts belong in the Heart of Baked Goods.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.01.59 PM
I don’t own the pictures here either except the cakes.

Anyways, this Sunday I decided that I should try to work myself up to making meals with recipes. Usually what happens is I get home, go run, then I am really hungry so I grab the celery (on which I put peanut butter), Special K, milk, and Greek yogurt, and eat a piece of chicken while I walk back from the fridge to my room. This week, I tried a little bit harder, and I documented my meals with pictures.


For dinner on Sunday, I made a fajita chicken and cheese quesadilla (using chicken from the mass chicken cooking I did last weekend) and steamed some broccoli (thank goodness for directions). Doesn’t it look pretty?!! It’s almost Instagram worthy!


Well it did not taste good. I mean the broccoli was good. But, I was really confused because I like chicken, cheese, AND tortillas. And I have had chicken and cheese quesadillas before. And then I realized a possible issue…

IMG_4397But I had to keep trying because there was a large quantity of fajita chicken and tortillas left.

Breakfast and Lunch x5

I have the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday, so I am just going to post it once. Why mess up something that is delicious and makes me happy?

P.S. Look at my banana collection!




No. This is not exactly the same thing as I made on Monday. I took out the chicken, obviously.



It’s a garlic+broccoli+cheese+hummus pizza!!! It tasted goooooood.


We had a framily dinner of pulled chicken on a bun, salad, and homemade banana bread. I forgot to take a picture.



It’s a fajita chicken+cheese+hummus pizza!!!


On Friday, Gabrielle and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the US Women’s National Team play their World Cup match vs Sweden. I got the Parmesan Garlic Chicken Flatbread, which I realize is pretty much what I have been eating all week. But as I noted here, the Parmesan Garlic Chicken Flatbread is GOOD and there are not exactly a ton of options for people who don’t like wings.