You know in House Hunters how the shows always ends with “3 weeks later” and them showing you how they actually decorated the house which they just bought? Well, I finished decorating my apartment.


I have always wanted a brick wall. So this year I put my ND leftover printing quota to good use and printed one out! After finding a really high quality picture of brick wallpaper, I cropped the picture into 4 quadrants to make it extra large, and uploaded each quadrant to Block Posters, a website which allows you to print off one picture onto multiple pages.


I also brought back the freshman year polaroid photo heart, and added some black and white photos. My apartment center is supposed to have free printing, where it supplies the printer and you supply the paper. The ink was pretty messed up though, so I just printed my pictures from Office Max. Unfortunately there, the black and white printer wasn’t working so they just told me to print off the black and white photos on the color printer. Normally I would be all for the free upgrade; however, high quality color printers are glossy and don’t look that great with tape. But it’s ok.

Eeeek! It looks so artsy.
Eeeek! It looks so artsy.




IMG_4490 IMG_4488

I am pleased.

Click here for 3D tours of my bedroom and bathroom.