Kalamazoo hosts an Art Hop on the first Friday of every month. June’s was extra special and had this whole brochure. I decided to check it out. I mean, I like art and what else do you do in Kalamzoo on Friday nights? So I drove to downtown Kalamazoo and…

Art Hop was awesome!

Streets were closed off so that artist booths could fill the streets and the artsy shops could remain accessable. At one point, I turned the corner and discover a whole park was also filled with booths.

There was so much cool stuff including metal working, paintings, photography, jewelry, pottery, and other handcrafted items. Since I love arts ‘n crafts, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Here is a tour through my pictures…

For more info on the Art Hop click here. According to Downtown Kalamazoo, this weekend also happens to be Greek Festival and the Do-Dah Parade (oh my… I am afraid). Does this mean Kalamazoo overtakes Mishawaka as a thriving metropolis?

Not even close.

Katie approves of Art Hop.