This weekend I visited my friends in Ohio.

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After work, I started my 3.5 hour drive south to Bellefontaine, home to the infamous Aaron Dunn (aka my boyfriend). I have been getting used to driving long distances now, and this was not a bad ride. Basically I drove on 3 major highways for an hour each, and then drove the final half hour on country road. AND I PASSED LIKE 500 WINDMILLS, which made me happy. Seriously, there were so many windmills! Fifteen minutes passed from the time I saw the first windmill to the time I passed the last one… and I was driving 70mph!

Side Note: You may be wondering why I am obsessed with windmills. 1) I am an engineer and windmills are cool. 2) In my freshman year Intro to Engineering class, my group build a small-scale windmill for our project. Also my friend Ned was in my group and that was when we first became friends.

So I pulled off at a rest stop to take a picture (and also to use the bathroom, because it was the first building other than a farm house that I had seen since I got off the exit of US 30 and I wasn’t sure if there would be another any time soon).

2 of the 152 windmills located in Van Wert Wind Farms,


For his birthday, Aaron asked for good seats to a Reds baseball game. On Saturday, we went to a graduation party for lunch, and then started the drive down to Cincinnati. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the back of the van and not driving. While we were talking, we somehow got on the topic that our friend, Kim, was interning at a company in Ohio this summer. So Aaron texted her to ask what city she was interning in. And what were the odds that it turned out to be Cincinnati! So Kim bought a ticket and met us at the game. Yay friends!


The game was fun and very, very hot. I had to wear a jacket to keep myself from getting fried in the sun, in addition to frequently reapplying sun tan lotion. Paleness = Sadness.

The Reds stadium is awesome, and from what I saw of Cincinnati’s riverfront, it was very nice. And we got bobbleheads. And the Reds came back late in the game. And I got to see Chapman (aka the “Cuban Missile” for his 105mph fastball) close the game. And the Reds won. All in all a solid day.


On Sunday, we had breakfast, went to church, had some delicious ice cream, ate a delicious dinner, and celebrated Aaron’s birthday. I made another cake.


And I also made a present, which I drew like the second day of summer and am excited that I don’t have to keep it a secret any more.

The View From Sorin's Porch Swing.
The View From Sorin’s Porch Swing.
My reference and final pencil drawing.
My reference and final pencil drawing.


Then Aaron played my favorite song that he learned how to play on the guitar for me. He’s the best 🙂 I was sad I had to go home.