I visited my favorite Michigan friends over Memorial Day weekend. Z lives in East Lansing, Kendra lives in Grand Rapids, and since I currently live in Kalamazoo, it was just a triangle of happiness (see map below).
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Friday night after work, I played sand volleyball with my friend Gabrielle and some other Stryker interns. Then Gabrielle and I walked to Target where I found some jeans shorts that were not extremely short, so that made me happy. Plus I got $5 off with Cartwheel!

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Did I mention that Target is right in front of my apartment complex. I LOVE Target.


The next morning I drove up to East Lansing to visit Z. I got a little lost. See, I had turned off my GPS on my phone to save the battery since I had to drive ~30mi on one highway and then ~50mi on the next. Unfortunately when I tried to turn it back on, the directions would not load. So I pretended it was like old times where you followed road signs and thought about the compass. Since the screen on my car indicated I was traveling East, the exit for East Lansing had to come after the exit for Lansing. Then I followed the signs to MSU’s campus and ended up on the street with the bookstore. I have visited Z enough to have a good general idea of the area. I recognized the buildings immediately and knew exactly where was… but not how to get from there to Z’s house. So I drove around a little until I got to a Walgreens where my phone finally was able to load the directions.

After my slight delay, Z and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and biked about 25 minutes to her boyfriend’s house to play Spikeball. The neighborhoods in East Lansing are beautiful: filled with older houses that are extremely well-kept. After picking up Paul and his brother Matt, we headed across the street to play on sand volleyball on MSU’s campus. Spikeball is so much fun!

It just so happened that the Odessy of the Mind Competition was being held at MSU that weekend. (My grade school had a team and came in 10th place- Go Basils!!). Thus there were a lot of people roaming around and stopping to watch us play (because Spikeball is awesome).  Anyway, during one of our waterbreaks, Paul notices a group of three people unlocking what looks like Matt’s bike at the bike racks about 10 feet from us. And it was his bike! The guy unlocks it and starts to casually walk away and Matt goes up and is like, “That’s my bike!” The guy mumbles, “Oh I have a blue bike and I thought I parked it over here.” Lies! He was totally trying to steal Matt’s bike! And had we not stopped for a water break, the bike would have been stolen literally right in front of us.

Around dinnertime, we headed back to Paul’s house to celebrate a belated 21st birthday for Z. I made a purple, Spanish cake for the celebration.




We slept in on Sunday, had waffles for breakfast, and then went to Mass. In the afternoon, we did arts ‘n crafts and made signs for our dorm room to pass the time while we waited for soccer to start. The previous day, Paul had invited us to play pickup soccer at 6pm with a bunch of people, and we were excited. We LOVE soccer!

Pickup did not disappoint! There was a huge turn out, so we formed three teams of 7 and played on the little kid fields with mini goals. Z and I were the only girls, but the guys were really kind and did not try to kill us. We even got to play on the same team. Our team, I might add, was beast! We were playing winner stays on and our team was on for probably 10 games in a row (mostly because we had four guys that had unbelievable footwork!). By the time we left the field, it was nine o’clock. We played soccer for 2.5 hours, and I was dead.

Within 48 hours I had played volleyball, Spikeball, soccer and biked; and I had exercised so many muscles that I never use, that I was fearing waking up the next morning. Since I had planned to visit Kendra on Monday, Z’s family kindly offered to let me spend the night again and just head to Grand Rapids the next day, instead of going back to Kalamazoo for the night and basically back up again.


I arrived at Kendra’s house around 10:30am, so that we could head over to a Memorial Day Parade starting at 11am. Her old neighbors are politicians, so Kendra and her family usually help out with campaigning efforts. Since her neighbor was just reelected last year, the parade did not include major campaigning and I was allowed to help out and hand out candy.


We had an old red truck!

Also, there were miniature horses!

Side Note: Did you know that there are two approved Emotional Support/Therapy Animals (aka Comfort Animals). One is dogs and the other is… miniature horses! Yes, you can get yourself a Comfort Horse that can legally go anyway a service dog would. Furthermore, doctors actually recommend Comfort Horses over dogs because they have a longer lifespan. Thank you to Kendra’s dad for this life-altering information.


For lunch, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings (also called “Bdubs” in Ohio and “BW Threes” in Michigan). I got the Parmesan Garlic Chicken Flatbread, which I would highly recommend to anyone, like myself, who doesn’t like wings. Then, we went back to Kendra’s house. I am in love with her house. It is perfectly decorated. Seriously, it could be featured on HGTV #lifegoals. Before driving back home, we had dinner and then walked down by the lake.

And I got to see the Superhero army! RAs (Resident Assistants) for girls dorms at Notre Dame decorate their sections with a theme and create name tags for all the doors corresponding to the theme. Kendra’s is superheroes. Because she is Kendra, her name tags are the most complicated and most specular ones I have ever seen. The superheroes are created entirely from cut pieces of paper and double sided tape. Each one takes 2 hours of meticulous cutting to create, and she needs 40 of them! I am impressed, and you should be too.

Photo creds to Kendra
Photo creds to Kendra