Stryker recommends a college housing complex to interns in Kalamazoo who need a place to live for the summer. You can choose from a single, triple, or quad (in order of decreasing monthly rent). Ideally, they try to room you with other Stryker interns. Unfortunately, the other Stryker intern who was supposed to room with me, ditched me! Hence I live with 2 random people who happen to be the antithesis of everything that is me: my likes, personality, beliefs, work ethic, background, 5 strengths, etc…

On the plus side, I have my own room (that locks), my OWN BATHROOM (which, in case you were wondering, also locks), a walk-in closet… and some freakin’ hilarious stories to tell. Below is a tour of my room. I brought stuff to decorate, but I am not sure if I even want to put in the effort. I shall save my summer plan for Dorm Room Decorating Part 4.


IMG_4216 (1)IMG_4219IMG_4220

Additionally, you get a kitchen and common room (which are not cleaned if one roommate is still continuing the lease from the school year and becomes a problem when said roommate does not own a vacuum).

Side Story: I went to the main building to see if they had vacuums to borrow. They did not. But, another Stryker intern overhead me asking and offer to let me use his vacuum. YAY! The apartment looked sooooo much better, and I only had to empty the vacuum bag twice! Anyways, it turns out vacuum boy (aka Joesph) sits two desks behind me at work, right across from one of my intern office friends Chrissy.

So I vacuumed everything. If you stand far away in dim lighting and take the picture just after you secretly scrubbed the entire kitchen down fervently with Clorox wipes, it looks decently presentable! Just don’t look at the floor 🙂

IMG_4212 IMG_4211 (1)

In conclusion, it is quite an experience over here in apartment 9302. Let it be a lesson to all: don’t live in a place you have not previously toured, with roommates that you do not know. #i’msarcastic #bitter #sorrynotsorry