Finals Week.

Compared to this semester’s constant cycle of homework due EVERY SINGLE DAY of the week, finals were easy. It was truly shocking, actually. I had my first 3 exams within 24 hours (which I think is technically illegal); however, they were my easy ones so I just decided to get them over with.


Fun Fact: DoME actually is a class about Design of Machine Elements. But when your mechanical engineering class can be abbreviated with an acronym which is conveniently the same word as the big Golden focal point of campus, you go with it.

Then I had a day off on Wednesday, so I got a drug screen for my internship at Stryker this summer. Thursday was Dif Eq 2, which stands for Differential Equations, Vibrations, Controls II (aka math). I like math, so that exam was fun. And then KIM CAME BACK TO VISIT from her semester abroad across the pond.

On Friday, I took the EASIEST exam of my college career. My heat transfer professor, Dr. Go (bless his name), gave us a multiple choice test that was as easy as knowing that a boiled egg cools quicker in water than air. Hehe. So Z and I celebrated summer with a berry breakfast of type straw.

Heat Transfer textbook put to good use.

Move Out.

My mom has packing skillz. She fit all of my brother’s and my stuff in the green van. I took pictures but you can even appreciate the full extent of all the stuff packed into the van, because you are boxed in by the stuff around you. We made it home safety.

Side View
Side View
Front View.
Front View.

My One Week of Summer.

After driving 9.5 hours home from Notre Dame, I spent one week at home before turning around and driving 10 hours to Kalamazoo, Michigan for my summer internship. During my week of summer, I slept a lot. I also drew stuff, spent time with my family and cousins, and ate ice cream, so all around it was a grand time.

Also, in case my engineering internship doesn’t work out, Google is hiring a professional “Doodler.” Hey, everyone needs a back up plan.IMG_4193