AnTostal is a week of free fun and fun events that wraps up the school year. It is so official that there is even an AnTostal booklet containing a full schedule for the week. While I did not do that many events this year, the ones I did were awesome.

Berries: Straws, Rasps, Blues

We Notre Dame students are oddly obsessed with berries, mostly because the dining halls RARELY have them. When strawberries do show up for brunch on weekends, people take multiple bowls of them, so they run out very quickly. Also, the athletes eat in a separate room called “Training Table” which has strawberries, so there’s that. Anyway, this girl created an entire event where they give out berries. Berry creator is a friend of my friend, so I got the inside scoop. She ordered $3,000 worth of berries. Last year, they ran out within 5 minutes, so Kendra and I went early this year.

Straws. Rasps. Blues.


I tie-dyed a shirt for the first time ever!!! I actually think I had a tie-dye party once, but I do not remember tie-dying anything (which is highly suspicious- Mom, clarification please?). It did have a sweet t-shirt shaped cake though. Anyway back to the tie-dying…


Food Trucks

I got a soft pretzel and ice cream YAY! And then I sat on the roof of LaFun.

Fun things that I planned to do, but did not…

ND Men and Women Soccer vs. Mexican National Team:

Ahhh, one of my favorite non-traditional Notre Dame events. There is a large hispanic population in South Bend, who all come out to support the Mexican National Team. The place is packed and the atmosphere is awesome!

Why I did not attend: The Office of Housing makes us take down our lofts before the school year ends. I couldn’t get the screws out of mine, and I got really frustrated so I did not feel like walking to the soccer stadium. BOOO Office of Housing.


The Indian holiday where they throw colored powder everywhere (aka the Color Run without the running).

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 3.54.33 PM

Why I did not attend: STILL TAKING DOWN THE LOFT.

Muddy Sunday:

Mud volleyball. Nuff said.

Why I did not attend: Heat Transfer Exam at 8:20am on Monday on radiation. And radiation is hard.

Bubble Soccer:

Soccer with a huge inflatable tube around you. Soccer + Bubbles = Perfection.


Why I did not attend: THEY TOLD US THE WRONG DATE!! Seriously, in the booklet it lists it under Sunday Apr 19, so Z and I walked all the way over to Stepan IN THE RAIN, and no bubble soccer was to be found anywhere. Then we checked the AnTostal Facebook site, and it said Sunday Apr 26. And the following Sunday, it was changed to a 3-on-3 soccer tournament with a $10 entrance fee per person. NOT COOL.