In an attempt to stay up-to-date with the news, I subscribe to two, free “newspaper” summaries that are sent to my inbox every morning.


The first is bit-of-new, which I already reviewed here, but since then I have learned a bit more about bit-of-news. Bit-of-news is run by a Cornell undergrad Xiao Xu (see this for more info about the creation of bit-of-news). As it is a fairly new project, it is constantly changing. The format switches often, and the creators continue to add cool features like an app and even a Snapchat profile. My favorite section is Good Reads, in which Xu selects a few personal interest articles mainly from websites like the Atlantic. They are always entertaining, for example:

  1. Someone created a new country in Europe called Liberland.
  2. Canada Loves the Poop Emoji. A new report on worldwide emoji usage finds a new kind of national character. (Americans, by the way, adore the eggplant.)

Subscribe to bit-of-news here.


This is a longer, more fun version of the news geared towards women. TheSkimm tells the main stories of the day in the language of pop culture, which makes the usually topics (like conflict in the Middle East) easier to understand (and more interesting).

Subscribe to theSkimm here.