As a Catholic University known for its Campus Ministry, Easter at ND is a big deal. Holy Week masses are longggg (2 hours minimum), but they have great music. The choirs stay for Easter, and I love just closing my eyes and listening to them sing. It’s wonderful. On Easter Saturday, the weather was perfect and we played soccer for 3 hours. Then on actual Easter, Mike and I went to Mass at 10am and then headed to Nick’s Patio for breakfast. I am not a fan of the dining hall Easter buffet, because it is just a bunch of meat, and I am not that big a fan of meat. I like pancakes. So Mike and I biked to Nick’s Patio for pancakes, blueberry and chocolate chip ones to be specific. The basketball team does pre-game meal at Nick’s Patio on weekend games, and I always heard rave reviews, so we decided to try it out. It did not disappoint.

Pancake's at Nick's Patio
Pancake’s at Nick’s Patio

U Can Paint Too @ Lewis.

My dorm, Lewis Hall, hosts fun events sometimes. One week, they had U Can Paint Too come in and teach us how to paint the grotto. I like painting, so Z and I signed up and painted. The women’s NCAA Championship was also that day, so at least I had a painting to make up for the sadness of the 63-53 loss to UCONN.

I gotta blank space baby...
I gotta blank space baby…

The Day the MechE’s Died.

It has been a rough few weeks of song for the Junior mechanical engineering majors at ND, all leading up to this terrible project… designing a heat exchanger.


Do you want to read my report? Of course you do!! Click this: Heat Exchanger Design Project. Is it right? Absolutely not.

Baking and Birthdays.

I baked some cakes and some muffins.

I DARTed (ND’s name for scheduling classes) on a Monday at 7am and I have a class at 8:20am, so I figured the in between time would be well spend making muffins. As for cake #2, well that was a frightening experience. I didn’t put enough butter in the bottoms of the pan, so it stuck and then broke into pieces. But I glued it back together with icing, so it’s all good.

Then it got warm and sunny…

so we went outside and played.