To get you inspired for awesomeness, watch the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Intro Video.

Day 5- The Championship

Sunday was the championship. We faced Florida State, trying to earn our second consecutive ACC championship.

Fun Story: While I was setting up film before the game, the Florida State film guy said Notre Dame should let Florida State win, because ND wins all the time. I said “FALSE. Actually, we have only won the ACC once, because last year was our first year in the Alantic Coast Conference.” He said ok, and continued his celebration plans. (He was planning on leaving the cameras and running down the stairs to join his team on the court when the clock expired).

Well, he lost. But we won!! YAY. And there were balloons. And I took a lot of pictures for people, because none of the players had their phones (which is pretty obvious considering that they were playing). And I cut down the net.


Sunday in Video

Then I went to the airport, and flew back to Philly for spring break. It was awesome!