Day 3- The Quarterfinals

Friday was GAMEDAY!! We played Miami, who beat us in the regular season. However, it didn’t really count, because we were missing one of ours starters, Taya Reimer. Miami was cocky… and they lost.

In post-season, my job is to film the games from the noose-bleeds. It is quite a different perspective than sitting on the court under the basket. But I actually enjoy filming because I get to check my phone for stats during the game (plus I get a cool name tag).

Friday in Video

After the games, we would hang out in the hotel and eat a lot of food. Greensboro’s weather, while much warmer than ND’s was still in the 40s so we mostly stayed inside. Lucky for us, the hotel was HUGE, since it was a convention center and had a mall conveniently located across the parking lot. For the most part though, it was nice to talk to the girls on the team outside of practice and basketball. I believe athletes as a group are hilarious, and I heard some great stories. I also watched some TV shows (which is quite rare for me), because it was the start of spring break and I didn’t have a ton of homework to do for a change.


Day 4- The Semifinals

Saturday was also GAMEDAY!! This time we played Duke in the semifinals. And we won again!!…imagine that. Check out the highlights from the Duke game below.

Saturday in Video