Junior Parents Weekend, or JPW as it is commonly known among students, is a weekend of activities during which parents get to share in the their child’s Notre Dame experience.

See the full schedule of Events: JPW2015_ScheduleOfEvents_FINAL

My family does not like to be told what to do, so we kinda did our own thing. Plus, we like to plan around sporting events. But we did participate in the JPW Mass and President’s Dinner on Saturday, which turned out to be a really nice event.

Friday- Framily Dinner

On Friday night, the offical JPW event was the Gala- fancy dressing and dancing (not my fav). So instead, my family went out to dinner with my boyfriend and his family. We went to Papa Vino’s which is a delish Italian restaurant. Unfortunately it was also a Friday in Lent, so half the menu was eliminated due to no meat. My go-to order is always either chicken parm or fettuccine alfredo with chicken, so I just ended up getting fettuccine alfredo minus the chicken. It was delicious.


Saturday- Mass and Dinner

On Saturday morning, all the colleges have presentations for the parents. We decided to sleep in, so we skipped the presentations and just went to my dorm’s lunch which was held in LaFun. After lunch, we went to the track meet for a little and I stopped to do laundry for the basketball team on the way back. Then, we got ready for Mass and dinner. Mass was in the Joyce Center, complete with the choir and handbells (Campus Ministry always does a nice job on the music). Plus the homilist, the rector from the dorm Keough, was awesome!

Dinner was also a blast. I sat with my two best friends and their families at a table in the way wayyy back And there were chocolate cover strawberries. And bonus… all the speeches were short. Even the president, Father Jenkins, delivered a short speech complete with pictures.

Sunday- Closing Brunch

Staying consistent, we also skipped brunch on Sunday. I had to work basketball practice that morning and quite a lot of homework, but my family united for dinner that night. We went to TGI Fridays, where we had the manager proclaimed “World’s Best” waiter. While the waiter was not exactly world class, the burgers were.

Bonus Days for Bball Games

My mom and dad also stayed Monday and Tuesday because there were back-to-back women’s and men’s basketball games, and both my brother and I manage the teams.