Valentine’s Week

For some strange reason, the MechE’s did not have much homework this week so I had lots of time for other activities. I made cookies and Valentine’s Day cards for my friends, AND went to the Keenan Revue, which is a bunch of humor skits put on by the guys dorm Keenan (imagine Saturday Night Live Notre Dame version), AND attended milkshake mass, AND learned how to swing dance at Legend’s swing night.

Also to my loyal blog reader: THANK YOU FOR MY COOKIES!!! You are the bomb! hehehe


Ice Skating and Sculpting

ND Student Activities Organization hosts an annual outdoor Winter Fest where they bring in professional ice sculptures to create cool things out of ice while students, warmed by the radiation from heat lamps, watch and munch on cookies/drink hot chocolate. Usually the sweet ice sculptures last at least a week because its cold. But this year, it was so warm that they all melted and I didn’t have a chance to see the finished products for most of them. Oh, and we went ice skating again.