The regular season is coming to a close. The Irish are currently 23-2, ranked 4th overall and 1st in the ACC. Watch the Irish take on Duke at home on Monday at 9pm!

Vs. Tennessee

I am working practices 3-4 times a week, and still enjoying the best seat ever (under the basket!!) at all of the games. A few weeks ago, we played Tennessee.  To give you a little background, our band is awesome and sits in the student section near the opposing team’s bench. They get really into the game and like to mess with opposing players’ heads. One of their favorite tactics is when an opposing player fouls out, the say call out the player’s footsteps as she walks to her seat on the bench. Left, Right, Left, Right… (when the player reaches her seat) SIT DOWN!!!! Well, Tennessee’s best player, Burdick, fouled out with about a minute left in the game. As she walked to the bench the band shouted “LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT…” Just to be annoying, she never sat down. Burdick spent the rest of the game standing up in front of me (see picture). Somebody’s got attitude.

Men’s Bball and Court-side Seats

One on the managers had extra tickets to Club Naomi for the men’s game vs. BC and asked me if I wanted to go. I did. Club Naomi is the “box seating” for ND’s basketball arena, the Purcell Pavillon. [Side note: THE Mr. Purcell recently came to one of our ND WBB practices!! He was a tall man.]

Back to Club Naomi. Picture endless free buffet food, and desserts, and fruit (STRAWBERRIES- yum). So we got there early and ate lots of good food, and then we go to find our seats. We were court-side. It was pretty nice.


Also, the men’s team is AWESOME this year: ranked 10th in the NCAA what-what! One day I walked into the gym to set up for practice and found the Jumbotron on the floor because men’s stars Jerian Grant and Pat Connaugton were having a photoshoot for their Showtime series!! Yes, the men’s team is being followed around by a camera crew as part of TV show looking into team’s path to the NCAA tournament.

Yay basketball!