During junior year, many people study abroad for a semester. This semester I got my roomie back from Spain, so I changed rooms after coming back from break. MORE DECORATING, YAY! I actually really liked my setup from the fall, so I didn’t change too much.


Walk around in my room here!

I lent my blue loft to the girls who stayed in my current room during the fall semester, so there wasn’t too much construction to do. Ok well, the loft was frighteningly shaky when I moved in. Let’s just say the previous users were not to handy (in fact I built most of it for them in the fall to begin with). The issue was the loft moved back and forth longways. Now, I slept in the loft last year and every bit of shaking matters because when one person rolls over, it shakes the other person as well. Unfortunately, I only had a few minutes to look at it before I had to go work a basketball game. But, because I LOVE diagrams and drawing room plans, I drew my loft during down time at bball and tried to apply my engineering skills to decide how to reinforce it.


After the game, my mom and I went back to my room for further investigation. It turns out, the supporting washers and bolts were extremely loose. I could tighten the washer with my hand, which is not good! We also called in expert advice (aka my boyfriend) to help fix the the middle supports.

The one thing I love the most though is our Christmas light ceiling. It’s so pretty!