Coming Back Early for Bball Managing.

Guess who were the first people EVER in the fun zone??


Seriously though, I was giving my mom a tour of the Joyce Center and showing her the upstairs gyms which nobody know about, and we stumbled upon this cute little step-up. I thought the promotion people set it up for every game (I don’t usually go to the guys games as the women’s team usually have practice or away games at the same time). So to pass the time until the game started, my mom and I played corn hole and shot baskets. A few people would come by and stare at us weird and the security guard asked us what we were doing, but we thought nothing of it until I found this tweet a couple hours later.

Twas quite funny.

First Days of School.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.08.01 AM
Look at how pretty my schedule is!!!!

This semester I am taking Heat Transfer, British History 1600-1800, Intro to Electrical Engineering (ewwwwww), Differential Equations 2, and Design of Machine Elements. Fun stuff, I know. Syllabus week is always so sad. In the engineering classes they show us all these cool things that you can do by applying the knowledge you learn in said class… but we don’t ever get to do any of the fun stuff.

For example, we watched this in heat transfer.


I also was holy.

The grotto

I went to mass 3 times this week and visited the grotto twice. Dorms at ND have weeknight masses at 10pm that usually feed you after. I went to Chili Mass on Wednesday at Sorin and Milkshake Mass on Thursday at Dillion.

Fun Fact: At the end of Mass at Dillion (a dorm really big on Campus Ministry), mass goers slam their music hymnals shut and say “Yay God!” It’s so great.

Hockey Night in South Bend.

We found some seats
We found some seats