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Instagram Added New Filters: So I downloaded the app and thought it was the perfect time to start using Instagram for my Days of the Dome pictures. #yesfilter

The Cheapest Generation: Millennials (current generation of people in their 20’s) are not buying cars or houses. Awesomeness: Cell phones allow us to be connected to others without having to drive to see them in person.

Your Life in Weeks: Prepare to be mind-blown. Awesomeness: Look at the pretty graphs.


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Could You Possibly Get a High School Diploma Now: Straight up the BEST. QUIZ. EVER. Everyone should take it.

What Part of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Video Are You?: Or even better you can watch the actual video… over and over again

But I don't like animals...
But I don’t like animals…

Other Fun Things on the Internet

What Colour is It?: So one day at dinner my friends were talking about how some people can see numbers in color (aka synesthesia). This is a clock that does it!

Someone Made Wall-E Out of Metal!: ‘Nuff-said

My Study Spot aka the unused stairwell

*Things you can do when you study for 3 days straight, learn all the material and then have time to procrastinate while you wait for your exams to actually occur.