Basketball season is in full swing! For the first part of the semester when the team had individual workouts (not full team practices), I mostly did the team’s laundry. Now I work practices 2/3 times a week as well as all the home games. And I even got to travel to my first away game of the season in Fort Wayne! This year I sit under the basket with the ball girls during the game and give the refs water and towels at each time out. Talk about great seats!

Managers and Ball Girls at Fort Wayne


This year the rivalry between ND and UCONN resumed after a 1 year hiatus since Notre Dame left the Big East to became a part of the ACC. Check out this video in which Coach McGraw and Geno talk about the ND/UCONN rivalry.

Needless to say, this game was HUGE! Even our student section sold out! So you can get a good feel of the atmosphere in the arena, watch the intro video before the starting lineups are announced. It gives me chills everytime.

Since it was such a big game, the managers were in charge of entertaining the recruits and their families: giving them a tour of the Joyce Center and escorting them to their seats and to the post-game meal afterwards.

Side note: (We lost the game… by a lot… so let’s not talk about that. Sadness.) I’m mean it is still WAY early in the season, plus one of our starters Bri Turner was injured and did not play… sooo yeah.

New Life Goals (jokes…not really)

So at halftime of each home game, Sweet Caroline is played over the loudspeaker. Allie, another manager, and I made it our goal to try and get on the big screen during this song. So far, so good.