This semester for my mechanical engineering major, I get to take a CAD (computer animated design) class. CAD is a computer software that allows one to sketch or model 3D objects with dimensions and directions for manufacturing. One of our projects this semester was to design and manufacture a maze. I chose to make a snowflake maze.


First I found a snowflake pattern online that I wanted to use, and then I loaded that image into Creo (the CAD program), and drew lines following the pattern of the image. Once the design was complete, the maze data and dimensions were saved to a file that a CNC machine can read so that the maze could be physically made. In the machine shop, I loaded the snowflake maze files onto the computer connected to the CNC techno router which cut out the maze.

This was such a cool project! It is really nice to make something every once in a while, because most of my classes are theoretical lectures. Plus I like arts n crafts and making things, so that made me happy.