I become addicted to social media sites in phases. Ok, I am never really addicted to them, but if I am bored I will scroll through things. For a while, I used Twitter, but now I’m on to YikYak.

What is YikYak?

On YikYak, people anonymously post short (usually funny or relatable) messages called Yaks onto a Twitter-like Timeline. Other people then “upvote” it (Like) or “downvote” it (Dislike). If you get 5 downvotes, your message is removed from the feed. The “catch”, so to say, is that app is college-location-centered, thus you can only interact with Yaks from your current location. So there is a Notre Dame region that I can affect. I can also view Yaks from other colleges but I can’t upvote or downvote them. There is also this thing called Yakarma, which is a point system where you gain points for popular Yaks you post.

A Lists of My Favorite Yaks

I love puns. It makes me happy that there is intelligent and happy people in the world. Here are some of my favorite Yaks:

Bonus Inspirational Pun

You are living, you occupy space, and you have mass. Do you know what that means?

You matter.

Additional Thoughts on Social Media

Quite honestly, I am a stalker social media-er. I rarely add any personal information to my sites (minus my blogs hahaha, but you really have to work to find this). Other people, on the other hand, share lots of stuff. Twitter and Facebook are great places to gather information.