1. the feels.

This word is nauseating. It goes with British television and Tumblr, and I just don’t understand why the word sad is not adequate. “But oh the feels!” Eeeeewwwwwwww. I don’t like feelings.

2. smut.

Shoutout to my mom for her favorite word to describe TV shows and movies with sex scenes. “What is this smut?”

3. that’s bull.

If your going to curse then just curse. Don’t abbreviate it.

4. bae, dear, babe, baby (or any other term of endearment).

The person has a name. Use it.

5. the nay nay.

This dance has a weird name. I’m sorry what am I? A horse?

6. long blinks.

No, you were not long blinking. You were sleeping.