Hi friends! Now that I am on fall break, I finally have some time to write a little. Yay!

So concerning my dorm room decorating this year, I had a change of heart concerning my theme (see pre- dorm room decorating post here) about the week before I moved in. As I scrolled through Pinterest, there were so many artsy/edgy dorm pictures.

Obviously, I started to want an artsy/edgy dorm too. So I decided to create a photo wall and hang a ton of polaroids and photostrips on hemp string with clothes pins. The polaroid pictures I have been using since freshman year when I made the photo collage heart. I created the photostrips by using Instagram to easily convert my photos into square size, then I exported my Instagram pictures into a file and pasted them into a publisher template in word. After lining them up in columns of 4, I printed them in color at Staples and the whole thing cost like $3. So easy!

Also I found this really cute sign. So I made my own using PicCollage on my iPad. Check my review for the app PicCollage here.

Digital Copy created with PicCollage on iPad

Anyways, presenting my junior year dorm room:

See the 3D Panorama view here.