Going Out.

Dorm parties, house parties, bars… Notre Dame has them. Please read this article as it perfectly describes Notre Dame nightlife. One additional note: While Legends is an extremely weak attempt at an on campus night club, it does boast an extremely popular and equally ratchet Hip Hop Night. I even attended once.

I ventured to dorm parties the first weeks of my freshman year in an attempt to be college, but as I expected, they were not for me. Plus, I don’t drink so that didn’t help. And anyway my sophomore year, I could go out vicariously through my neighbors, who went out pretty much every night… and blasted Timber on repeat while they were pre-gaming.

Anyways, on to the numerous other options for your weekend entertainment.


TheWeek@ND puts all the events, speeches, performances, and sports for the week into one place. You can subscribe and get it in your email each Sunday night. Additionally SAO (Students Activities Organization) and SUB (Student Union Board) regularly run free (or really cheap) student activities like:

  •  ice skating at Compton (hockey ice rink)
  • AcoustiCafe (student musical acts every Thursday @10pm in the student center, LaFun)
  • $3 SUB Movies (showing Thus, Fri, Sat, and Sun) featuring a recently released movie each week.
  • a free Food Truck Night
  • Ice Sculpture Carving and hot chocolate
  • Sonic food and indoor rollerskating
  • ….plus zillions more

At the beginning of the year (The First Weeks) and the final week before summer (AnToastal), SAO and SUB go all out with fun activities. There are concerts for $20 and tons of activities that get you outside and enjoying the actually warm ND weather.

Sporting Events.

My favorite activity is watching Notre Dame sporting events. Not only are all the teams highly ranked and competitive, but the teams give out tons of free t-shirts and other promotions like McDonalds gift cards!

Fall: Men and women’s soccer are definitely must-sees. The first soccer game of the year is jammed (unfortunately attendance drops off after that) and you can get your Leprechaun Legion shirt. Also, look out for the ND soccer scarves given away at a game later on in the season.

Winter: Check out the women’s basketball team, who are so entertaining and awesome! The stadium is always packed and it is easy to learn the players. Not only are the games fun to watch, but when the team hits 88 points, all the fans get free Big Macs! One game, they also gave an iPad mini to a lucky kid in the student section. Additionally, hockey games are quite fun evenings. Almost every Friday and Saturday night, students trek to the Compton Ice Arena and join the band in the student section for a night of fast paced hockey. Among hockey promotions are long sleeve t-shirts and beanies. It is always a good time.

Spring: In the spring, the Notre Dame soccer teams take on the respective U18 Mexico National team. South Bend has a large Hispanic population and they all come out to support their home country. The atmosphere is unbelievable! Definitely one of the events I look forward to each year.