Radiostation 97.5 the Fanatic hosted a Fan Fest at Xfinity Live, a sports bar located in the center of the Philly sports stadiums. My brother and I headed down and enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon of celebrating Philly Sports. The big draw was that the first 500 people had chance to win $50,000! (emphasis on the chance). So I waited in line for a couple hours while my brother checked out the blowout sale of Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, and Sixers gear. He got some good stuff! I took some selfies.

Soon the gates opened and we were given lanyards with an itinerary of fun stuff and also a red ticket for the $50,000 prize. The chance to win turned out to be guessing a 5 digit number, which might as well be impossible. We were given a digital keypad with numbers 0-9, and once you submitted your guess, it told you if you were right or wrong. I guessed 55331. I did not win. Now it’s time for a session of…

Problem Solving with Katie.

How many different 5-digit codes are possible using a 0-9 keypad?

Each digit placeholder can have any of 10 digits (0, 1, 2…9), thus:

10^5 = 100,000 options!!!

The Itinerary.


After quick decision that we couldn’t care less about retired Eagles safety Brian Dawkins, we split from the crowd and headed outside to the activities. It was an extremely smart move! We had the place almost to ourselves and avoided all the huge lines that formed later in the day. First, we filled out some drawings to enter to win free season tickets and other prizes. Then we moved on to the real fun. We signed a wavier and then proceeded to smash a van with a baseball bat. It was absolutely thrilling. (The connection to sports was the van was painted with Philadelphia most-hated rivals: the Pittsburgh Penguins-hockey and the Dallas Cowboys-football). I only was able to catch the final swing.

Next we signed a wavier and then shot some Dallas Cowboys dummies with BB guns. This was also thrilling! It was the first time I have ever shot a gun (well at least a fake gun), and my brother and I decided that we are adding shooting practice at a gun range to our bucket list.

When we finished smashing and shooting, we moved to the next booth and got some…golf lessons. Violence followed by the Gentlemen’s game of golf: you gotta love Philly! Anyway I putted and hit irons and absorbed all the information I could get, because I am horrible at golf. My brother on the other hand has skills. He won a free golf lesson and the lady gave him 2 free rounds of golf because she liked him.

All in all, it was another grand Higgins outing, and kind of a last hurrah of summer before we pack up the cars to head to ND on Tuesday! Awww yeah!