Activities Night

The second week of school, all the student clubs gather in the JACC (connected to the Joyce Center basketball court) for a huge activities fair. See below for full list of clubs!

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A Few of My Personal Favs:

  1. The Shirt Project: You can be a member of the team that designs The Shirt that everyone wears to the football games! And you don’t have to be artistic, there are marketing and organizing positions.
  2. Leprechaun Legion: The Lep Legion gets the students involved at all sporting events. They also give out pretty sweet green Legion tshirts to the students. Bonus: you get good seats at basketball games!
  3. The Band: Unfortunately, I do not know that much about the band other than they are awesome. Here is their website. The band is loved by students everywhere and I applaud
  4. The Glee Club: If you are a guy who can sing, this group is perfect for you! The Glee Club is really good. They have their own Christmas concert which boasts a huge attendance of girls section events (an RA sponsored event which helps bond his/her section), and they even travel and preform during fall and spring break!


Organized Sports

Notre Dame students love sports and they love to win. The RecSports Champion t-shirt is a coveted prize for all Interhall and CoRec participants. Additionally, making it to the finals means your team gets to play on the corresponding Varisty field or court. For example, girls flag football and guys tackle football championships are played in Notre Dame Stadium!!!


In Interhall, you play for your dorm against other dorms of the same sex. Teams for girls dorms are decently chill, while guys dorms have cuts.

Time Commitment/Cost: 1 game a week (and possibly 1 practice depending on sport and dorm). And FREE!!! Your dorm covers the entrance fee.


For CoRec, you and a group of your friends form a team. There is everything from soccer to softball to volleyball. Broomball (hockey with brooms but you wear sneakers instead of skates) is a huge hit, although I have yet to form a team.

Time Commitment/Cost: 1 game a week often at odd times or late at night. There is an entrance fee per team.

Club Sports

To be on a club sport, you have to tryout. 75% of Notre Dame’s student body lettered in a high school varsity sport, so competition is pretty good. The teams travel to other school and are more time consuming than CoRec or interhall, but the plus side is it is much more like a high school team and you really get to bond with your teammates.

Time Commitment/Cost: Depends on sport but greater time commitment and cost.

Special shoutout to the women’s club lacrosse team! I am actually a Club Officer this year. A little bit about club lax: Last year was our first official year under Notre Dame. Unfortunately while we do get some money for being a club, there is a fee to join the team. Anyone can play in our short fall season and then we have tryouts for our official spring season. We practice once or twice a week in season. For games, we travel to other schools about 2/3 hours away max and play in full day play days.  Also, we made our league playoffs as a wild card spot and got to stay overnight near the University of Michigan.

Bookstore Basketball

As the largest outdoor 5-on-5 tournament in the United States, Bookstore Basketball is ND bucket list material. Whether you create a team destined for the championship or just want to make a sick team name and wear costumes, Bookstore Basketball is a great way to get active in the spring.

Introducing The Stations of the Crossover. One Game, One Loss.
Introducing The Stations of the Crossover. Record 0-1.



Located near North Quad, Rolfs is the nicer of the two gyms featuring an indoor track, 3 basketball courts, a roller hockey rink, and a weight room with tons of exercise equipment and treadmills. Rolfs also has 2 rooms for fitness classes.

The Rock

The Rock, which is located on South Quad, has the old Indiana High School basketball gym feel with brick walls and everything. Unique to The Rock is a swimming pool and a cycling room.

Fitness Classes

RecSports offers weekly fitness classes and personal training for a small fee. Spots are limited and go quickly so sign up fast! Free trial classes are offered at the beginning of the semester and during finals week.


People here love to run. In fact, I picked up running when I came to college. Whether its jogs around the lakes or entering organized races like the Holy Half and the Domer Run, running is the perfect way to stay in shape.

Spiritual Life.

Notre Dame is in fact a Catholic University. But you are in no way forced to do Catholic things! If you are Catholic, however, it is really convenient to practice your faith.

Mass occurs so often on campus that you have to work to skip Mass. In addition to the Basilica Masses, each dorm has a Chapel that has a Mass on Sunday nights. Dorm masses are awesome with the dress code being sweatpants and the promise of great music. Also, dorms hold food masses during the week. The most famous is Dillion’s Milkshake Mass (Thursday @10pm). Attending Mass in every chapel on campus is an ND bucket list item for some.

Check out Campus Ministry! They have some pretty sweet t-shirts too!