Chick-fil-A is my new favorite restaurant.

After Cow Appreciation Day, my family and I signed up for the Chick-fil-A Text Club. The freebies just poured in: free sandwiches, free ice creams, free nuggets… so good!

To Join the Text Club and get free Chick-fil-A

Text (specific location code that you have to google) to 411247

And that is not even the best thing! Through the text club, my mom received a special invite to Chick-fil-A Family Night. The event took place at a beautiful venue in downtown Philly. The theme was carnival, and the were plenty of carnival games with Chick-fil-A themed prizes, in addition to a photo booth, and- wait for it- FREE ENDLESS CHICK-FIL-A!!!!! Also there were samples of 2 new products: Iced Coffee and fruit smoothies. No one was a fan of the smoothies, but my brother and dad enjoyed the Iced Coffee (my mom and I are not coffee drinkers).

By the end of the night, our goodie bags were stocked with cute Chick-fil-A themed items like stuffed cows, t-shirts, stickers, and tons of free Chick-fil-A sandwich coupons!

And guess what!!! My mom won a FREE YEAR’S SUPPLY OF CHICK-FIL-A through a trivia contest! Yes, ma’am, that is free Chick-fil-A for a year.

52 of these bad boys in a nugget container. What could be more Chick-fil-A-ish!