Exactly one month after the birth of our nation, marks the birth of Katie Higgins. Yes, folks, August 4th is a truly special day.

Anyway I just turned 21 what-what! Now unfortunately, my birthday fell on a Monday, so instead of rounding to the nearest weekend, I chose both weekends.


Pre-Birthday Weekend

My parents spent the weekend in Baltimore for an “interesting” flower child wedding, so my brother and I had the house to ourselves. Saturday was pretty chill. I dropped my brother off golfing, and then I went shopping at the outlets for a bathing suit top. I actually just ended up at my favorite store, Target.

Bikini Top


Mossimo clothing


Then we snagged some Wawa hoagies and watched The Wolf of Wall Street (see Book/Movie Review here).

Sunday, we drove down to the shore to visit my best friend and her boyfriend, who were vacationing for the week in Spring Lake, NJ. It was the first time I had been to a Northern Jersey beach as we usually go to Margate, which is near Ocean City NJ.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.08.55 PM

My brother and I explored the beach in the morning, then we met up with my friends. Z made me a delicious cake which we ate too quickly for a picture. I brought down some of my Mom-Mom and Mom’s to-die-for Kreations. They don’t look like the most tasty things, but they are gold! Z also gave my an adorable Olaf card and dry-fit Adidas shirt. Then the four of us hit the beach again and had an intense Spikeball tournament, which Mike and I won. Spikeball is really fun.


The Day of Birth

After I got home from work, my mom surprised me by inviting all my family over for an impromptu party. We had white pizza, soft pretzels (obviously), and not one but 2 cakes! My mom let me decorate one of my cakes, because cake decorating is my favorite.

And I got awesome presents!!! I have been asking for new gatorade bottles since my old one got moldy (ewwww!). Also I got some sweet socks and an IOU for the Under Armour leprechaun socks at the ND bookstore.

Post Birthday Weekend

Surprise! We headed back to the beach! This time we went to our usual place, Margate, and brought along my parents and cousins. We spent the most of the day playing in the sand and reapplying sun screen. Then we went to Mass at a local church. It was a record breaking 36 minutes long! And then we hit up Wawa for dinner.

Finally, we drove down to Ocean City to walk the boardwalk and eat the classic shore fudge and salt water taffy. We shopped the stores, looked at the hermit crabs, and laughed at the shore shirts for the year: copies of spirit jerseys, minions, and Frozen. There were even some Notre Dame shirts to be found!