I pick songs that are 1) my favorites or 2) songs that everyone knows the words to, so it is easy to recognize and sing along.

Songs I can play on the piano

  1. Let It Go
  2. Starships
  3. Radioactive
  4. How to Save a Life
  5. Our Song
  6. Happily
  7. Dancing in the Moonlight
  8. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
  9. A Thousand Miles
  10. Right Above It
  11. Colors of the Wind
  12. Kids
  13. Pumped Up Kicks
  14. Love Song
  15. You Belong With Me
  16. Wild Ones
  17. Firework
  18. Who Says
  19. White Houses* (in progress)
  20. Breakaway* (in progress)

Send me your suggestions for songs that everyone know the words to.


How Long Have You Been Playing?

At my high school, freshmen either had to take music lessons or a music appreciation class. My mom always wanted someone to learn to play the piano, so that person became me. I took piano lessons once a week during my lunch period until my junior year when enough was enough. I could play well enough for my own interest. I had zero interest in learning classical songs. And my piano teacher spent too much time talking about how she wanted her daughter to follow in my footsteps for my own liking.

How Do You Find Sheet Music For Popular Songs?

Well um, I can’t really read sheet music without going EveryGoodBoyDoesFine, FACE for most of the notes so I am a big fan of YouTube tutorials. If you go to YouTube and type in “Let It Go Piano Tutorial” or whatever the desired song name is, you get tons of choices where people talk you through a song or highlight the keys for you. Then I just play the song over and over and over again until I can switch chords cleanly on my left hand.