Nordstrom’s Anniversary Beauty Bash

Today, my mom and I checked off our summer bucket list item of going for makeup lessons. Earlier in the week while at the King of Prussia Mall, I saw a sign in Nordstrom’s advertising their Anniversary Beauty Bash complete with makeovers and expert tips. So my mom and I signed up to get some help from the Clinique booth. Help we definitely needed, and help we definitely got.

Our makeup professional was sooooo nice and patient with us. I decided to refrain from taking pictures, because I did not want to freak the lady out anymore than our complete lack of makeup knowledge already did (Sorry that we do not exfoliate or moisturize on a daily basis. Or ever.)

My favorite thing was learning how to line my eyes with eyeliner which just makes you look so much better instantly. Turns out it really helps to have good quality products, so I bought the eyeliner. I also bought the primer thing that changes my skin tone from pink to yellowish.

The entire process- priming, concealing, powdering, eyebrows, eyes, bronzer, blush, lips- took a hour per person. The nice lady said her daily makeup takes about 15 minutes. I only get up 25 minutes before I leave for work each morning… so that’s not going to happen. At least it is good to know how to actually apply makeup so I am capable.

 FIAT Test Drive

As we left the mall we drove past the mall’s free stuff spot. Lucky for us there was an event taking place this weekend…the FIAT Test Drive for a free $10 gift card! Naturally, my mom and I participated.

The FIAT was actually a really cute car that was nice to drive. After almost sending the official FIAT person through the window (because the car has brakes that really work!), I got a hang of the car and weaved my way through oncoming shoppers streaming through the parking lots. I would definitely consider getting one when I have to buy my own car.


Finally, we stopped by Costco for a few grocery items and a sample lunch. Costco lunches are literally the best. In addition to their super cheap snack bar with $1.65 huge soft ice creams, there are endless samples around the store. Today’s sampling menu was banging: the Vitamix station, bread and butter, hummus and chips, meatballs, Japanese rice and veggies, Fudgsicles, chocolate protein bars and absolutely delicious Dannon Greek yogurt, dried mangos, and buffalo chicken spread and chips.

All in all, it was a fabulous day for freebies, and I learned a really useful life skill.